Sunday, 8 May 2016

πŸ’–πŸ’–Review Caged by D H Sidebottom πŸ’–πŸ’–

☆☆☆☆☆ 5 Stars

This book was another great from D H Sidebottom, Dawns writing with each book gets better and better, this one is a Dark thriller and will be one of my top ten reads for 2016.

This is one of those books that once you start, you don't put it down till it is finished. 
Judd Asher was 4 years old when he was taken from his front Garden, the police finally called off the search after 3 years.

21 years Later after a tip off about Animal cruelty. Judd is found living in the basement of a rundown Farmhouse Police believe he been Mentally and physically abuse.

Kloe is personal therapist and is assigned to Judd’s case, she has dealt with loads of cases that have pushed her limits but none will test her as much as Judd Asher’s does.

As Judd now known as Anderson Cain the name the people who Taken him gave him. Just as Anderson starts to trust Kloe she leaves him after promising him she would never leave.

4 years Later Anderson is now a MMA fighter one of the best he needed it to live he hungered for it! fight to the death.

When something Happens he comes face to face with the one women who has haunted his dreams for the last Four years Kloe. He sees his chance to make her pay for the last 4 years for the Broken promise she made to him.

Kloe has been living in London for the last 4 years after she was given no choice but to leave her life, any way Kloe has her own demons from her past Haunting her she had some Nutter who is out to hurt/kill her.

In parts of the book you just want to crawl in the book and Hold both Kloe and Anderson you really feel so much for them.

Dawns knows how to draw you into a book and you do not let go till the end and so Far D H is the only Author that can make me all hot and needing to change my underwear to crying all in one Chapter. This book makes you feel you feel for Anderson (he can be a right asshole at times) but you can’t help falling for him you feel for Kloe I connected really well with these Characters, they are so likable.
It will keep you guessing right till the end with Twists I did not see coming.

Can't wait for book 2 Chained in July. 

I highly recommend this book if you love D H work you will love this one.