Thursday, 21 April 2016

*****Review of Wildest Dreams******

 Book Title: Wildest dream 
Release date: December 8th 2015

Four Stars

A really good, funny, sweet romance.
Callum 'Mac' Mackenzie, a former navy seal, decides after been injured to follow his dream of becoming a teacher. When he starts his new job, he meets fellow teacher Raine.
 Now I loved Raine. She is a sweet, funny, caring character and I just found her really likeable. Easy to be around, its not long before Mac and Raine become best friends.

Always there when a date goes wrong, always eager to spend time together, these two are a perfect match, they just can't see it. With friends warning them off and others willing them on, they finally agree the chemistry between them is just too much and agree to a temporary fling.

But best friends having a fling is bound to come with feelings been involved and knowing that Mac doesn't 'do' relationships and Raine wants her happily ever after, it seems they both want different things. How long before one wants more? 

I really enjoyed this book. The characters are all brilliant, funny, caring, they welcome you into their inner circle and invite you to laugh at their stories. Mac..I need a Mac in my life. You'll understand when you meet him what I mean.

 He's like the perfect man ever. Sweet, sexy, he's a bit of a flirt but he's loyal and got a heart of gold and I loved him
If you're looking for a light hearted, sweet, funny romance then this is the book for you.